Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Eaton College have before and after school care?

Eaton College does not offer a before and after school care service, however there are many independently run before and after school care services in the region. 

Eaton College school hours are from 9 am to 2.30 pm, Monday to Friday. College gates will be open from 8.40 am with classroom access available from 8.50 am. Collection in between 2.30 and 2.35 pm. 

Q2. Will Eaton College have on-site therapists or will parents/guardians be required to arrange therapists to attend during school time, or outside of school hours?

Eaton College wants to work in conjunction with your child’s current therapists. Parents/guardians can arrange therapists to conduct sessions onsite at the College, pending the availability of meeting spaces on our flexible ‘Wonderful Wednesday!’. The College has timetabled this ‘flexi day’ to provide students with an opportunity to undergo therapy sessions during the school day without missing out on curriculum studies. Therapy times will be added to your child's IEP (Individual Education Plan). At this stage Eaton College will not be employing therapists as part of our team.

Q3. Does Eaton College Offer fee and pension discounts?

Eaton College is not in the position to offer concession discounts for the foreseeable future.

Q4. Will students be offered a nap/rest time?

There will be no scheduled nap or rest time at Eaton College, however students will be provided with the opportunity to take breaks when required.  

Q5. Does Eaton College have nappy change facilities for incontinence or offer toileting assistance?

Eaton College does not have nappy change facilities, however toileting assistance will be available for our younger students (inclusive of students with minor incontinence). It is the aim of the College for all students to eventually be able to toilet independently. 

Q6. Will the Calvary bus service extend to Eaton College?

At this stage the Calvary Bus Service will not extend to Eaton College. 

Q7. Is the school or any of its services covered by NDIS?

NDIS funding unfortunately stops at the College door, this means that no NDIS funds can be attributed to any educational facility from Prep to Year 12. Funding can still be used for your privately arranged therapy sessions.

Q8. Why does Eaton College not offer Years 11 and 12? Would there be scope to guarantee transition into Calvary Christian College for the students who wish to continue their studies?

The educational model of Eaton College is Prep to Year 10. During year 10, students will be encouraged and assisted to develop a transition plan into further study, apprenticeship, or the workforce. Applications to Calvary Christian College would be required to go through College’s enrolment process. All applications to Calvary would be assessed to ensure the College can meet the student’s individual needs. Offers of placement would be based upon this outcome.  

Q9. My child is in Year 3 and is unable to independently toilet. Will Eaton College be able to cater for this?

While we understand that toileting can be difficult, it is an enrolment pre-requisite that all students are independently toileting or working towards this goal. Should your child have difficulties independent toileting we strongly encourage you to engage with your child’s therapy team to discuss a plan. 

Q10. Will Eaton College students be able to access Calvary Christian College facilities by way of excursions?

As Eaton College and Calvary Christian College are both part of the Calvary Education Group, a strong partnership will develop between both institutions. Access to Calvary Christian College facilities will be carefully planned to accommodate both Colleges’ student requirements.

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