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Edition 2

Delay to Opening 

I regret to inform you that due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to delay the opening of Eaton College from January 2023 to mid 2023.

The ongoing delays being experienced by our builders in sourcing construction materials has been very difficult to navigate. Further to this situation, we have been informed by Ergon of a serious delay with our Eaton College site electrical transformer. 

We are very conscious of the complications that this outcome may cause families and we are deeply disappointed.

Kind regards,

Mr Steve Downes
Executive Principal 

Edition 1

First Soil Turned

Thursday, April 28, marked a moment in history with the first soil turned at the site of Eaton College by Mr Steve Downes, Executive Principal and Ps Graham Eaton, whom the College is named after.

It was a very special and momentous occasion for all involved in the process of getting Eaton College off the ground.

Ps Graham Eaton was the founding Principal of Calvary Christian College when it first opened its doors back in 1978. He remains an integral part of the Calvary community as he also will be with the growing Eaton College community.

Formal Expression of Interest Form

You are invited to complete a Formal Expression of Interest Form (please note this is not an Enrolment Form).  Eaton College will open in mid 2023 with very limited spaces and year levels, the College will use the Formal Expression of Interest Form to identify year level interest and capacities for the 2023 mid year opening.

Families who submit a Formal Expression of Interest Form will then be invited to submit an Enrolment Application Form once year levels and capacities have been decided.  If your year level of interest is not available, you will be notified by the Eaton College Registrar.  

Please note – when Enrolment Applications open, each application submitted will be reviewed by our Executive Principal and Eaton College Director to assess whether we can meet the needs of the student, that we have capacity in the respective year level and that we can balance of support needs in each class to ensure a productive learning journey for all attending students.  Due to limited spaces, we anticipate we may not be able to place every applicant for Eaton College in the opening year (mid 2023) or 2024.

Also now available is the Eaton College 2023 Fee Schedule, click to download. 

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