About Us

Eaton College is a co-educational, special purpose educational facility for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  With no dedicated ASD specific school in the Townsville region, Eaton College was born out of a desire from the Executive Principal, Mr Steve Downes, to meet the needs of children with ASD in our local community. 

Eaton College opened it's doors on July 10, 2023 with with 15 students in year levels from Prep to 4. The full capacity of Stage 1 caters for up to 40 students with class sizes at a maximum of 10 students. Over time the College has the capacity to extend up to Year 10, with the addition of 40 students per additional Stage 2 and Stage 3 respectively. The maximum capacity of Eaton College is 120 students, and this is expected to be reached over a 10-year period.   

Providing quality, specialised education.

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