Enrolment Process

Follow the below steps to begin the Enrolment process for your child:

1. Enquire

Click the button below to submit a Formal Expression of Interest:

2. Apply

Once an Expression of Interest form has been received, you will be contacted by the College Registrar via email to advise of availability in respective year levels for the requested commencement year.  

If the year level has available space, an invitation to apply will be emailed to families with a link to complete the online Enrolment Application Form.  

Families will need to provide the following documents and reports (where applicable) to apply: 

  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunisation Record
  • School Report for applicants from Year 1 onwards
  • Autism diagnosis
  • Medical support team reports – Speech, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist etc 
  • Court Orders
  • Visa or Citizenship documents  

An Enrolment Application Fee is payable upon submission of $100 per applicant.  This fee is non-refundable. 

3. Review 

Applications will be reviewed by the Enrolment Panel (Executive Principal, Director of the College, College Delegate) and assessed to ensure that the College can meet the needs of the student, that we have a balance of support needs in each class and have available spaces.  This review takes place in June of the year prior to requested commencement to best ascertain support needs.  Successful applications will move from Review to Observations.  If we ascertain we cannot meet the needs of the student, or have reached capacity in the year level applied for, the Registrar will connect with the family to advise.  Waitlists may be available in some year levels at the discretion of the Executive Principal.

4. Observations

Where possible, a team member from Eaton College will observe your child in their school or Early Learning/Child Care Centre. Observations are arranged directly between parents/guardians and the school/centre once Eaton College can advise of a team member’s availability.  Eaton College does not arrange student observations directly with the schools/centres on behalf of parents/guardians. 

5. Interview

An Enrolment Interview will be booked for your child.  Interviews will be held by our College Executive Principal, Director of Eaton and a College Delegate.  Enrolment interviews will take place in the year prior to commencement and require parents/guardians and students' attendance. 

6. Place Offer

After a successful interview a letter of offer will be extended via email with a two week deadline to accept or decline.  Upon acceptance, an Enrolment Confirmation Fee is payable to reserve the student’s place for the following year (payment plan available).  This fee is non-refundable, however it will be credited to the family's tuition account upon the student’s commencement.

NB. If a student is given a letter of offer for a space at Eaton College it is subject to full and frank disclosure by parents/guardians of all information which may be relevant to the education of the student.  In its discretion, the College reserves the right to not offer or defer the offer of enrolment of any student, if the parents have withheld information pertaining to their child, or having been aware of their child’s specific educational needs have not declared those needs.  Withholding relevant information will entitle the College to cancel an enrolment, even after the student has commenced at the College.

7. Confirmed Enrolment

Accepted offers will receive a confirmation of enrolment email.  The enrolment is then finalised and parents/guardians will receive communication about information nights and transition events prior to commencement.

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