At Eaton College we aim to provide a safe and inclusive educational environment aimed at achieving academic, social, emotional and behavioural goals. This is achieved through provision of an inclusive, positive learning environment that focuses on the individual strengths and interests of the student.   

Our teaching and learning programs will follow the three dimensions of the Australian Curriculum and will be thoughtfully adjusted to meet the needs and interests of our unique students.  The three dimensions include academic content, General Capabilities and Cross-curriculum priorities.  

Through the curriculum delivery, we aim to:  

  • ‘Respect the Spectrum’ with teaching and learning activities that cater for differences in communication, social interaction, adaptive behaviours, sensory processing and information processing.  
  • Develop each student’s academic ability and skill in a wide range of traditional and contemporary subjects and disciplines. 
  • Challenge all students to achieve their maximum potential in all areas of the curriculum, but with special emphasis on literacy and numeracy for all students. 
  • Use a strengths-based approach to cater for individual differences.  
  • Develop knowledge, skills and behaviours to live and work successfully, including interpersonal skills and others area of skill as described in the General Capabilities. 
  • Develop in students the capacity and skills to use technology creatively, effectively, and confidently. 
  • Develop in students the capacity and skills for creative and effective problem solving and analysis. 
  • Create an appreciation of the need for sustainable use of resources. 
  • Encourage a student voice and provide equal opportunity for participation and success.   
  • Provide appropriate pathways and programs which foster enterprise skills, with a view to allowing flexibility and adaptability in the future. 

Underpinning the curriculum delivery will be the development of the College values of excellence, persistence, goodness, faithfulness, and generosity to fulfil the College vision of equipping students to become an influence for good in their world.   

Providing quality, specialised education.

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